Sponsorfied 101: How Brands Find Events

As the platform evolves, the Sponsorfied 101 series will serve as an educational tool for up-to-date information about how to make the most out of Sponsorfied.

So, you just published your first Sponsorfied event page? Congratulations! Hopefully you’re excited about how wonderful your page looks on our website, and perhaps you’re curious as to exactly what happens now.

Here’s how it works:

There are hundreds of national brands on Sponsorfied, and more signing up every day. When a brand representative logs in to Sponsorfied, there are two ways that they might discover your opportunity:

1. Suggested Events: Brands receive suggestions from Sponsorfied based on demographic criteria they specified when they first signed up.
2. The Explore Tool: Brands can browse all the events in the system or categorize by location, date, & type.

Through one of those two tools, brands may find themselves looking at your event page. If they are interested in sponsoring your event, you will receive an inquiry message from them. It is not until you are contacted by a brand that you are able to message them. If you find a sponsor for your event, make sure to create a recap page when the event is over. Recap pages allow you to show both the sponsor brand and any potential future sponsors the quality of the events that you host.

By using Sponsorfied, you vastly improve your chances of receiving a sponsorship. As the network grows, we will continue to add more features that enable you to leverage your presence on our platform. We not only want to see sponsorships get easier to manage, we want to see the quality of sponsorships improve. This blog will provide updates, insight, and education to help our users get the most out of our platform. We can’t guarantee a sponsorship for anyone, but we do provide an organized, intelligent way for you to drastically increase your chances.

Thank you for being a part of the Sponsorfied community. We wish you a wonderful holiday season, and we look forward to another year of awesome sponsorships!




  • by Scott Oller
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