Dec 04

3 Quick Tips to Optimize Your Event Pages

Choose the Right Cover Photo:

Important information such as the title & date of your event is displayed over the cover photo, so make sure it’s easy to read by choosing an image without words on it. The exact dimensions of the cover photo are 960 by 250 pixels. If you are uploading a custom image, we recommend that you crop your image to those dimensions beforehand to ensure proper formatting. Here’s an example of a great cover photo:

Create a “Customized Activation” Package:

Creating specific sponsorship packages is a great way to let potential sponsors know what you are looking for. However, making a “Customized Activation” package opens up the potential for creativity and collaboration between brands and sponsees. Create an “In-Kind” package, and for “Type of In-Kind”, just write “TBD”. For “Benefits”, write a few sentences to let brands know that you are happy to work with them to figure out a customized activation for their product.

Share Your Event Page:

Once you publish your event on Sponsorfied, not only will brands on the platform be able to see it, the link will be public for you to share. To maximize your chances of finding a sponsor, we recommend that you contact brands outside of Sponsorfied as you normally would and send them to your Sponsorfied event page. We’ve also seen event hosts share their event pages on Twitter & Facebook, which is a great idea. You never know who might see or share your page, so spread it around!


Nov 13

The Warby Parker Eyewear Fall 2012 Private Party

Back in October, we sent out 40 invitations to an eclectic crowd of San Francisco influencers for a special event to be held right here at Sponsorfied HQ. Entrepreneurs, journalists, fashionistas, and many more gathered in downtown San Francisco for the Warby Parker Eyewear Fall 2012 Private Party. Warby Parker, an eyewear company known for its affordable designer frames and the buy-a-pair-give-a-pair program, put eighty pairs of high-quality glasses on display for guests to try on.

With this event, we set out to create a unique experience around a unique product. The intimate setting, the candle & lantern lighting, the live DJ, the drinks, and the beautiful presentation of the glasses all contributed to a memorable night. Plus, trying on a variety of awesome frames is always fun. In a world where every experience is just 140 characters away from reaching a vast audience, highly-targeted sponsorship opportunities such as this one are invaluable.

This event is a perfect example of the type of experiential marketing that our platform encourages. We partnered with Warby Parker to connect them to a specific audience, and now as more brands and event producers sign up with the Sponsorfied Beta, these types of connections will begin to form organically.

Want to see first-hand what the party was like? Sit back and enjoy this jazzy video:

Aug 17

#FiestaFriday Video Recap w/ popchips & TaskRabbit

Last week we helped popchips introduce a brand new product to the San Francisco market by teaming up with TaskRabbit to deliver 100 startups free popchips. The startup who pulled off the best #fiestafriday won a year long sponsorship from popchips (congrats to ZeroCater for winning). The campaign was a huge success. We reached 386,340 people, and had 566,807 total impressions via social media. While this is awesome, sponsorships are all about experiential marketing. That means the people who interacted with the campaign, tasted the product, and the smiles we put on faces are what actually count. I could write an entire essay on this subject, and how successful this campaign was in meeting those goals, but instead I’ll leave you with an awesome video that recaps the entire experience:

Aug 01

Get Sponsorfied by popchips for a year!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with popchips and TaskRabbit to get one lucky San Francisco startup Sponsorfied with a year supply of popchips. Sound delicious? It gets better. As part of this promotion we’re helping popchips introduce their brand new line of tortilla popped chips on #fiestafriday (8/10). The first 100 San Francisco startups to fill out our contest form will be among the first to try tortilla popchips, via a delivery from TaskRabbit’s new Deliver Now service (Thursday, 8/9).

How to win:

Take a picture of your team snacking on your favorite flavor of tortilla popchips and/or your #fiestafriday party, then tweet it to @popchipsSF with the #fiestafriday hashtag included. Get creative, get crazy, and (most importantly) have fun. Also, you should probably eat some popchips. We’ll pick the winning team the following week, and your startup will get Sponsorfied by popchips with a year supply of snacks.

Why are we doing this?

Here at Sponsorfied we believe that brands can do much more with sponsorships. Gone are the days where you can toss up a banner and call it a day. Experiential marketing is the name of the game, and we really wanted to do a case study with some of our favorite brands to see what we could come up with to provide a great example. In this case we’re helping a popular snack brand introduce an entirely new product line, as well as promoting the new on-demand delivery service of another startup.

This is exactly why we’re building the Sponsorfied platform. We want to not only connect brands with amazing opportunities, but allow brands to connect with each other, and for amazing opportunities to manifest on the Sponsorfied platform. We see Sponsorfied as the future of how brands get their products in front of their target audience in an engaging, memorable, and awesome way.

We’re just getting started.

Jul 25

Why We Started Sponsorfied

Sponsorships are all around us. From networking events to SXSW to Formula One racing, sponsorships represent a massive amount of brand-spend around the world every year ($56 billion and counting). With online advertising becoming less and less effective, brands placing their products in the hands of target audiences is of the utmost importance. The problem? Sponsorships are a complicated, offline, highly relationship-based business.

We learned this first hand when we decided to do a test run during SXSW 2012. After working with dozens of brands, hundreds of events, and enabling hundreds of thousands of dollars of sponsorships to take place, we compiled a massive list of problems that needed solving. It was time to apply design, technology, user experience, and a big vision to an industry ripe for disruption.

We’ve since packed our bags, jumped in a car, and driven cross-country to start working full time on Sponsorfied in beautiful San Francisco. We also accepted an offer to join the prestigious technology incubator, yCombinator, which has provided invaluable support, connections, and guidance for our company (more on this in a follow-up post).

What’s Up Next

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sending out beta invites to both brands and opportunity owners (anyone with a potential sponsorship opportunity), collecting feedback, and pushing out updates on a daily basis.

We’d also like to hear from you. Are you an agency representing brands? A brand looking to break into a new market or launch a new product line? Maybe you’re a technology company looking to hire or you simply want more people to try your product. We’d love to help, as well as hear about how you’d like us to improve the sponsorship process.

It doesn’t stop with just the brands, they are only one side of the equation. We’d also love to hear about all of the amazing sponsorship opportunities that are out there so we can help you connect with brands who may be interested.

Please drop us a line and let us know how we can help you.

In Closing

We’ve just gotten started. Over the next few months we’ll be releasing major updates, making big announcements, and updating this blog every step of the way. We’re extremely excited to be here, and we hope we can excite a few others along the way!

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