Loyal To The Beat: Collaborating To Create An Amazing SXSW Experience

For the team at SpotOn, a digital platform to help merchants engage and reward active customers, loyalty isn’t just business; it’s personal.

Anduena Zhubi, the company’s VP of marketing, grew up in the back of a tailoring shop in Glenview, Illinois, founded by her immigrant parents.

“For our family, our customers were everything. With a local business like ours, they were a real, constant presence in our lives, and we tried constantly to be a part of theirs. Our founders have similar stories of building businesses centered around strong personal relationships with customers. We want to help make it easier for any business to have those sorts of relationships.”

When the company began thinking about running a South By Southwest campaign, they asked themselves what loyalty really meant. They realized it wasn’t just a part of small business relationships, but a way of engaging with any of the relationships around us.

Soon, an idea began to take shape.

The campaign would be a celebration of that magic energy between musicians and fans; that awesome power that radiates physically across a room when the right note is struck and for a moment, people cease to become individuals and instead lose themselves in sonic transcendence.

It would use SpotOn’s loyalty software to check in fans around the festival. They would have access to immediate rewards from great local merchants already using the platform, and also be entered for access to a set of bigger opportunities including VIP access to amazing showcases and even artists meet-and-greets.

The campaign was to be called “Loyal To The Beat,” and the only question was with whom the Silicon Valley startup – passionate but not well versed in the music world – could partner with to make it happen.

That’s where Sponsorfied came in. Using the platform, SpotOn was able to browse more than 50 SXSW events – ranging from startup busses to mega showcases. Quickly, an indie mega showcase hosted by Noise Pop caught their eye.

As a San Francisco-based company, SpotOn knew that Noise Pop had a reputation for creating great, fan-centric concert experiences. Within minutes of sending a note to the organization using Sponsorfied’s system, SpotOn had a reply.

“Noise Pop exists to celebrate the music we love and share it with other fans like us,” said Noise Pop Business Development Coordinator, Chad Heimann. “When we began talking with SpotOn about ways to collaborate on its loyalty campaign, we knew it was a perfect fit.”

Most great sponsorship experiences are collaborations, and within a few days, SpotOn and NoisePop had taken the initial spark of an idea and turned it into something great. The campaign launches formally on March 10th, and culminates at the After the Gold Rush showcase on March 15th.

“Sponsorfied was more than just a great facilitator,” said SpotOn’s Zhubi. “The site inspired us to think differently about how to create incredible experiences for our brand at SXSW.”

For us, facilitating great sponsorship connections isn’t just about helping companies do better marketing – it’s about enabling relationships and experiences that help brands manifest the best of their values and passions in the world.

Look for Loyal To The Beat this year in Austin.



  • by Nathaniel Whittemore
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