3 Quick Tips to Optimize Your Event Pages

Choose the Right Cover Photo:

Important information such as the title & date of your event is displayed over the cover photo, so make sure it’s easy to read by choosing an image without words on it. The exact dimensions of the cover photo are 960 by 250 pixels. If you are uploading a custom image, we recommend that you crop your image to those dimensions beforehand to ensure proper formatting. Here’s an example of a great cover photo:

Create a “Customized Activation” Package:

Creating specific sponsorship packages is a great way to let potential sponsors know what you are looking for. However, making a “Customized Activation” package opens up the potential for creativity and collaboration between brands and sponsees. Create an “In-Kind” package, and for “Type of In-Kind”, just write “TBD”. For “Benefits”, write a few sentences to let brands know that you are happy to work with them to figure out a customized activation for their product.

Share Your Event Page:

Once you publish your event on Sponsorfied, not only will brands on the platform be able to see it, the link will be public for you to share. To maximize your chances of finding a sponsor, we recommend that you contact brands outside of Sponsorfied as you normally would and send them to your Sponsorfied event page. We’ve also seen event hosts share their event pages on Twitter & Facebook, which is a great idea. You never know who might see or share your page, so spread it around!




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